The first indication that you might be pregnant is if you have missed a menstrual period. This indicator is not a sure pregnancy sign, as a missed period could be caused by stress, illness or the onset of menopause. Another indicator is if the period is just unusual – longer, shorter, heavy, or lighter.
You might just feel like you are pregnant. Female intuition is a sense worth trusting. You might be experiencing nausea or vomiting for no apparent reason. This is called “morning sickness” even though it can occur during different times of the day. The reason it is called this is because when you are pregnant your HGC levels are highest in the morning thus making you more prone to nausea and vomiting in the morning.
Your desire for sexual intercourse may change when you become pregnant. You could either enjoy it a whole lot more or you could be put-off completely by the idea of having sex. Either could be indications that a hormonal change is going on in your body due to a pregnancy.
Another pregnancy sign is enlarged and sore breasts, especially in the first trimester. You might also find bumps on the aureole of your nipples which look like goose-bumps, these are called Montgomery’s Tubercules.
You may find yourself urinating more often as the baby pushes on your bladder, and the tale that women have strange food cravings during pregnancy is true as well. I think it is your body’s way of letting you know that you and your baby need these nutrients.

Your skin can give you several indicators that you may be pregnant, including stretch marks and increased sweating, hair growth in unusual places, thinning of your nails or accelerated nail growth and something called linea negra. This is a light brown line appearing on your skin and extending from your navel to your pubic bone. You might also suffer from an acne outbreak.

If you have any of these pregnancy symptoms it is time to take a pregnancy test. You can either do one at the doctor or you could get a home-pregnancy-test which is pretty accurate. The doctor will most likely do a blood test. If you do a home-pregnancy-test, this will be a urine test. You get two main different types of urine tests, one you will need to urinate in a cup and then dip the pregnancy test into the urine. The other type is a test which you hold into the urine stream and just urinate on a strip, this is a more convenient way but both are equally accurate. You have to do urine tests with your first urine of the day because that is when HCG levels are highest and the test will be most accurate. After you have urinated on the strip you need to wait three minutes before reading the result. In most pregnancies if there is one stripe it means that the test is negative and you are not pregnant, if there are two stripes it means that the test is positive and you are most likely pregnant. Pregnancy tests do however differ and you need to always read the instructions before proceeding with the test.

If the pregnancy test appears to be negative you need to do another one in a weeks time, using the first urine of the morning. If the test appears to be positive you need to go to you gynaecologist for a scan to determine how far along pregnant you are and to discuss the next step of your pregnancy journey.


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