What does my baby’s movements feel like in the beginning?

It is often quite difficult to tell when exactly your baby is moving in the early stages. Your baby is still so small and if this is your first pregnancy it will be even more difficult to tell. A baby’s first movements feel like butterflies in the tummy. It can also feel like bubbles popping inside or like a tickling sensation against the inside of your tummy.

When should my baby start kicking?

In your first pregnancy noticeable kicking may only start after 22 weeks. If you have had previous pregnancies you may notice the kicking earlier. Every baby differs and some baby’s are less active than others.

How active should my baby be?

In the beginning your baby may not move everyday. At about 22 weeks your baby should be moving regularly, everyday and normally most active around a certain time of the day. You should keep track of when your baby moves, how often it moves and at what times it is most active. If you notice a change in pattern then you should notify your doctor as this could be a bad sign. Towards the end of your last trimester you should notice a decrease in fetal activity, this is because it is more cramped in there for your baby and he/she has less space to move about.

How to record fetal movements?

You should notice that your baby is more active at a certain time of the day. During that time of the day, lay flat on your back and count your baby’s movements. Your baby should move at least ten times in two hours. If you are ever worried about your baby’s decrease in movement, lay on your back during that time of day and count to see if your baby moves the same amount as it usually does. If your baby does not move ten times in two hours then you should consult your health-care provider.

When should I call my doctor?

You should call your doctor if your baby is moving less than ten times in two hours. You should also call your doctor if your baby’s movements are weaker or take longer to reach the ten movements mark. It may be that nothing is wrong and that it is getting a bit too cramped in there for pronounced movement but it is always best to make sure and to give yourself ease of mind.