For example, in the first six months, Real Care Baby a baby should gain not less than 600-800 grams a month. By 6 months his weight is doubled. In the second half of life, the rate of weight gain are slightly reduced — it increases to 300-550 g per month. This is due to the fact that the child becomes more mobile, he’s not just lying in bed, and actively rolls over, crawls, sits, stands up and begins to walk. Year birth weight should be tripled compared to the original.

Some moms are very particular about how their baby is gaining enough weight.

They are ready to weigh your child daily, almost after each feeding, believing that with each meal the weight should increase. Do not waste time on it — the weight of the child, as well as growth, is increased non-uniformly. There is no such that the daily average baby adds grams: over time, the mother will notice that there are times when the weight is stable or increases slightly, and then suddenly there is a sharp jump.

To control enough to weigh the baby once a week, preferably in the same clothes. For weighing children, there are two kinds of scales: mechanical and electronic. Today electronic scales are more convenient to use — they are light, compact, mobile. Some models automatically take into account and subtract the weight of the diaper, remember previous weights, can show the dynamics of weight change and even to measure the growth. If it is not possible to buy weights, you can do a monthly measurement of weight in the children’s clinic.

After the first year of life the rate of weight gain (and growth) are significantly reduced. In ordinary life, child, and adult will never be able in one year to double or triple Real Care Baby your weight.

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