Do not leave him in his playpen or Organic Baby Products high chair. Let him play on the floor, in a confined and safe space. You can even, using chairs and other furniture, to create a kind of “route” and arrange attractive toys. Sit down in front of him, once on his height, so he wants to get to you. Help him only when he really needs it, and encourage him, but never try to force him.

To teach the child to climb, create small obstacles for him to overcome. Such an obstacle may be, for example, a rung of the ladder (but don’t forget to follow the baby!).

Play games with a ball to strengthen the muscles of the child and to develop his coordination and sense of balance.

Whenever possible, let the baby walk around the house barefoot. It’s the perfect way, allowing the child to gain a sense of balance, to feel that the floor is a prop, and strengthen the muscles of the arch of the foot.

Encourage your child to walk on soft surfaces, for example, by the position of the mattress on the floor. It amused him, develop a sense of contact with the supporting surface and sense of balance.

How to avoid back pain, leading the child by the hand

A little trick that will allow you without back pain to be at the same height with the baby. Within a few weeks or even months, your baby will hold your hand. So as not to disturb his balance, try not too lift up his hands: they should not be above his head. So you don’t have too much to bend down, armed with two handles from mops and keep them in front of you, like ski poles. The child will hold them at the correct height, and you are not too weary back.

 Move with his speed on the street and at home: don’t forget that legs shorter than your baby!

The first Shoe

First shoes for baby, designed exclusively for walking on the street, you should choose very carefully. It should be fairly soft shoes with a high heel, tight-fitting leg with a hard top and a lace-up that provides the correct formulation of the foot. Shoes it is best to choose leather, non-slip and not completely flat sole. Make sure that the inside of the Shoe leaves enough space for the baby to freely move his toes.

Handy tools

Do not give up on the available tools that can help the baby when walking. Toys to walk and develop motor skills strengthen the muscles of legs, in addition they help the child to acquire balance and to master the correct walking motion. These toys should be sturdy and light at the same time. All that spinning can be useful. However, do not buy a Walker: they are Organic Baby Products dangerous and serve no useful purpose.

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