Interesting fact: grow faster those body parts which are furthest Newborn Care from the head (i.e. stop the baby is growing faster than the Shin, and the Shin, in turn, is faster than the hip), this is connected with age change of body proportions of the child.

In addition to the increase doctors and other parameters of the newborn. Be sure to measure the circumference of his head and chest. A newly born baby average head circumference is 34-36 cm, and chest circumference is 32-34 cm Circumference of the chest and the head, as a rule, be same to 4 months of life. After that, the chest circumference increases faster than the head.

One-year-old child’s chest circumference is approximately 48 cm, and head circumference is approx 46-47 cm But it is only average: after all, in children as in adults, different body, different head shape — so it is possible a small deviation from the average figures.

The weight of the newborn may be 2,6–4 kg. Babies born weighing more than 4 kg, consider major. This may be a peculiarity of the Constitution (in large parents and large), and evidence of violation of carbohydrate metabolism in mothers.

Important fact: the body weight of the child at discharge from the hospital is usually less than that with which he was born — both indicators are recorded in documents issued by the mother. Do not be afraid of such “loss” is a natural process that is called physiological loss of weight. It is due to loss of water through lungs and skin, drying up of the remainder of the umbilical cord, separation of urine and meconium (original cal).

Maximum weight loss in the majority of newborns occurs on the 3-5 th day and normal is no more than 6-8% from initial weight.

And to 7-10-th day of life of healthy children weigh the same as immediately after birth. If a child loses Newborn Care more specified rules or could not recover lost grams, it may indicate infection or congenital abnormalities.

In the first year of life weight increases the most. There are several ways of calculating the increase in weight.

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