Do you have trouble falling asleep, or toss and turn in the middle of the night? Awaken too early, or find yourself not feeling refreshed in the morning? Sleep is something that we all need, but many of us lack. Millions of Americans suffer from some sort of sleep difficulties. These can be caused by financial concerns, environment, or relationships; sometimes a remedy can be as simple as new bedroom décor or a cup of tea.

If maximizing your sleep time, getting more of it, or improving the quality of it are on your resolution list this year, The Lodge at Woodloch is here to help! We’ve tapped our resources to develop and share a Rest+Well Blueprint.  It is not a program, not a single class and not a special offering, but a way of life.  Our Blueprint includes tips, resources and strategies to help you find your Rest+Well bliss on your own terms within your own lifestyle, and is part of the everyday offerings here at The Lodge.

Ayurveda puts great emphasis on our daily routine and the importance of being in harmony with nature for healthy, relaxing sleep.  When we break our regular sleep patterns, we are more prone to insomnia.  This means sleeping when it’s dark and waking with the light.  Ayurveda suggests that we go to bed by 10 pm in order to stay in alignment with the natural rhythm of nature.  However, busy lifestyles and frequent travel often create disturbances of our routines.  Using simple Ayurvedic remedies, we can correct these imbalances and induce a more peaceful sleep:

  1. Eat lightly in the evening, with your heaviest meal at noon. Instead of beef or lasagna at night, try rice with well-cooked vegetables. It’s hard to fall asleep with a stomach full of hard-to-digest food.
  2. A cup of warm milk before bed helps relax and promote restful sleep. Adding a pinch of cardamom or nutmeg makes it even more effective.
  3. A cup of chamomile tea at bedtime is beneficial for inducing sleep.
  4. Before bed, a hot bath or shower helps to soothe excess energy and promote a sound sleep.

The Lodge at Woodloch is a place where guests come to relax and rejuvenate themselves. Our Rest+Well Components are the following:

Sleep Environment:

  • Pillow Menu: In addition to the Classic Down Pillow standard on every bed, The Lodge has revamped it’s Pillow Menu to offer an additional 7 pillows as choices for personalized comfort to maximize a restful sleep:
  • (Based on availability)
  • Hypoallergenic Pillow
  • Memory Foam Pillow
  • Body Pillow
  • Buckwheat Pillow
  • Cooling Gel Pillow
  • Leg Spacer Pillow
  • Reading Chair Pillow
  • Additional customized offerings that are available upon request from the Sleep Menu (free of charge during stay) include:
  • Customized bed comfort: Upon request, guest can receive pillow toppers, egg crates or a board beneath the mattress for added firmness/support to help customize to specific needs