So Carol Drain Kranowitz in his book “the Unbalanced child” describes a boy with impaired bodily sensitivity.

Today, complaints of children like Sebastian, very much — and from parents and from Natural Baby Products teachers. And the reasons for this behavior are often rooted in the fact that the child in its first year of life have not received much-needed variety of bodily sensations and impressions.

All the wealth of the baby’s life is in bodily sensations: he needs to see, hear, touch, taste. His world is literally made up of feelings. His impressions, emotions, desires, needs are expressed through the body.

 Therefore, the child’s necessary physical, bodily contact with the mother: it is the main mediator in the continuous interaction between the baby and the outside world. For kid life on his mother’s complete sensory experiences: smell and taste her milk, the sound of her voice, the patterns on her blouse, her gentle touch… the Baby can be given to touch the garment mothers and fathers, a variety of objects and surfaces — table, chairs, sofa. And he likes to explore different food not only by taste but also by touch and smell.

If a child for whatever reason is deprived of a sufficient number of impressions — visual, auditory, tactile, etc., then it results in the state, which is called sensory deprivation, or sensory hunger. “Depleted medium”, which causes sensory deprivation, harmful to humans at any age, and for the child in the first year of life it is especially damaging: the baby may develop increased or decreased sensitivity, as well as the state associated with a constant search for sensations.

A child with hypersensitivity avoids touching sensitive to bright lights or loud noises, he doesn’t like a certain food — its smell, temperature and even the texture irritates him something to wear, he gets carsick.

A child with low sensitivity, on the contrary, may not turn away from bright light, not to notice an unpleasant smell, not to feel the taste of food. He doesn’t notice that his dirty face, hands, clothes, he often drops things.

The child, the seeker of sensations, as in the case of Sebastian, loves loud noises, and is attracted by the glowing, moving objects, he sniffs the food and toys, can lick, taste and even chew inedible things. He was lying in puddles, digging in aimlessly piled them on the floor toys on the street are constantly faced with people, etc.

Coddling the baby in the first year of life, the mother provides him with a favorable environment to obtain a variety of impressions, feelings and experiences. They form a physical sensitivity of the child. Especially his relationship with the world and with your own body, its susceptibility to external and internal signals, and thus his emotional stability, will largely depend on how these experiences Natural Baby Products have been enjoyable and varied.

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