From which point do you shoot the child, depends on Infant Care the overall perception of the image. A snapshot can be done at eye level of the child, above and below eye level. In all three cases you will get different perception of photography.

Usually children are photographed from above — so the kid looks small from the height of an adult person, and in pictures it certainly has an effect. The pictures at eye level of the child is the most interesting, they allow you to peep into his inner world, to be with them as equals.

If you take off the child’s face, the better to keep camera at eye level. Make a portrait to the waist — hold the camera at the level of his chin.

Shooting from the bottom point has features and images among home is not as common. This technique can be used, for example, when the child climbed on a chair, for the first time pulled up in crib or take the first steps.

 To make a good picture and to catch the eye of a child, get down on the level of his eyes. Start doing a series of shots, not looking into the lens, and then you’ll definitely manage at least one shot to capture the attentive gaze of the baby.
How to photograph children. The photo session indoors and outdoors – with their hands

Camera or smartphone?

The best shots are taken when shooting still images in manual mode. Improve yourself, try and explore the capabilities of their camera. Place different values, from minimum to maximum. So you can feel the difference of incomprehensible numbers and understand why they are needed.

Set the maximum aperture, and extra parts will be diluted. And with short shutter speed you will be able to freeze rapid movement of the hands and feet of the baby.

Now, however, and the smartphone gives you the opportunity to make a beautiful, bright pictures. He is always at hand, compact and ready to go. Electronics will do all the work on the setting, leaving a huge field for creativity. Really, when I want to make a frame with the baby, and helpers are not there — selfie-tripod. But there are some nuances and secrets:

do not use digital zoom, better go to the child closer;
after you took the picture, do not pull the smartphone and wait a couple of seconds: this will allow to avoid a Infant Care blurred frame;
change the focus point: you can achieve different effects on your photo.

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