You think you’ve bought all you’ve needed to buy then suddenly you realize you’ve CowJumpedOverMoonRoomWeb forgotten the cot…. This might sound funny but I actually know of someone this has happened to and she had to go shopping for a cot on the day of her and her baby’s release from the hospital! Here is a list of things you need for your baby so as not to be caught unaware.

The hospital:

Labour bag:

  • Soothing music
  • Birth plan
  • Comfortable T-shirt
  • Massage oil
  • Camera or video camera
  • Something to read
  • Lip-balm
  • Snacks and drinks

Your bag:

  • 2 or 3 pairs of pajamas. The night-shirt should button up at the top to make breastfeeding easier.
  • Slippers
  • Night-gown
  • Socks
  • Underwear
  • 2 Feeding-bra’s
  • Breast-pads
  • Nipple-cream (Lansinoh is the best)
  • Hair brush
  • Soap and shampoo
  • Toothpaste and toothbrush
  • Nail clippers (to make sure your nails are short so as not to scratch your baby)
  • 2 Packs maternity sanitary pads
  • Camera and video-recorder
  • Change of clothes for when you leave the hospital.

Babies Bag:

  • 3 changes of clothes, vests, socks, mittens and beanies
  • A small pack of newborn size diapers
  • Bum cream
  • Wet-wipes
  • Shampoo, body-wash, moisturizer and cotton-wool
  • Hair-brush
  • 2 Receiving blankets
  • 2 Fleece blankets
  • Gripe-water
  • Soother/dummy/pacifier
  • Surgical spirits to clean the umbilical cord
  • Bottles and formula if you are going to bottle-feed.

Remind the person who is fetching you to bring the car-seat and Baby-on-Board sign along.

The nursery:

  • Change table
  • Cot and cot mattress
  • Set of drawers or cupboard to store your baby’s clothes. Drawers work best.
  • Chair to feed in. Rocking chair is ideal.svr-image
  • Heater
  • Night-light
  • Baby monitor
  • Nappy holder on a hanger, such as this one, is very useful.

Sleep time:

  • Cot bumper
  • 3 Fitted sheets
  • 4 Receiving blankets
  • 4 Fleece blankets
  • 2 Duvets (for really cold weather or going out, make sure you keep a close eye on them when using a duvet as they can be quite dangerous.)
  • A wedge if they are to sleep on their side but a rolled up blanket works best.
  • A pillow is not necessary until they are much older but if you want get to “breath-easy” baby pillows.
  • Soothing music or white-sound incase your baby won’t settle

Bathing and grooming:

  • Baby bath and stand
  • 4 Hooded Towels
  • Baby shampoo. Elizabeth Anne’s is the best because it does not cause cradle cap.
  • Body wash. Using a lavender scented one will have calming effects.
  • Moisturizing lotion. Using a lavender scented one will have calming effects.
  • “Johnson and Johnson’s” lavender moisturizing oil gel I found to be wonderful as it is great for massage and keeping baby warm after a bath. It heats up and really helped to put my baby to sleep.
  • Baby-powder
  • Cotton wool
  • Safety ear-buds (these prevent you from going into the ear canal)
  • Baby safety nail-clippers or nail-scissors
  • Soft bristled hair-brush as brushing the scalp prevents cradle-cap.


  • 2 Big Packs of newborn sized diapers. (Pampers are the best and have the best fit)
  • Wet-wipes (they use plenty). The best are the one’s that are not in the canisters but rather in the refillable packs.
  • Wet-wipes container that can be refilled
  • Bum-cream (they use plenty of this too)
  • A small sized garbage bin with a lid to dispose nappies in.
  • Nappy sacks. Scented ones are great.

Clothing (for size newborn and 1-3 months):

  • 8 vests (the reason you need so many is because of “accidents”)
  • 6 baby-grows
  • 6 outfits
  • 6 beanies
  • 3 jerseys or jackets
  • 2 super-warm fleece baby grows
  • 3 pairs of mittens (socks also work great as mittens!)
  • 3 pairs of socks
  • 2 pairs of booties
  • 6 bibs

Going places:

  • Car seat
  • Pram/Pushchair
  • Nappy bag with portable change mat
  • Baby carrier, “kanga-carriers” are lovely because they keep your hands free and give your back support.045
  • Camp-cot
  • Insect net
  • Rain-proof breathable pram cover.
  • First-Aid kit specially for babies.
  • Baby-on-Board sign for your car

Fun, stimulation and soothing:

  • Cot musical mobile
  • Pram/Car-seat mobile
  • Baby bouncer that vibrates
  • Musical night-light
  • Toys
  • Play mat

Feeding and soothers: 416_Pink


  • Breast-pads
  • 4 Feeding bra’s
  • Breast-pump
  • Nipple-cream
  • 2 Bottles
  • 2 Nipple-like teats
  • Sterilizer
  • Bottle-brush


  • 6 Bottles
  • 6 Teats (the orthodontic type are best)
  • Sterilizing equipment
  • Bottle-brush
  • Bottle-warmer
  • And of course the formula of your choice

Soothers: the orthodontic type are the best. You need about 3.

Medicines (these are good to have from day 1):

  • Gripe-water (non-alcoholic) for winds, acid-reflux, heartburn and colic.
  • Ponado or Calpol syrup for fevers or pain (it’s especially handy to give before and after they go for their immunizations)
  • Arnica oil – this is also very helpful for the swelling and bruising when they get their immunizations.
  • Saline drops and aspirator incase they get a stuffy nose as this interferes with their feeding.
  • Syringes – this is the easiest way to feed medicine to a baby.
  • Bactroban or a similar anti-bacterial cream
  • Thermometer

Remember: Do NOT administer medicines without consulting a doctor or healthcare professional first!


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