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Of course, to Lisp with his son and to admire its ethereal beauty I can Free Baby Products take quite a while. However, I am convinced that mastering the mother tongue needs to hear more diverse and meaningful speech. Perhaps, I was somewhat introduced into confusion that the baby is not responding. I missed the reverse reaction on his part. If any communication to me was always important to me not only heard, but listened, asking questions, offering counter-arguments and the like. With my nephews I was able to find a common language only when I turned off a “boring adult” and began to speak with them on an equal basis, not from the top down.

I talked with my son and sometimes I caught myself thinking that it’s stupid to communicate with the child seriously. But little by little I started to find and invent ways to talk with my son a lot and meaningful.

The first thing I started doing from about the second month of baby’s life is to read aloud.

And it doesn’t matter what book, in my opinion, the main thing that the child hears and the voice of a native person. Only, now my slider is very curious and greedy: selfless or creeps, or trains the skills of standing, holding onto a support, and my reading for him — just uninteresting background. Either he is desperately trying to take the book and eat it when I put it in front of him with the intention to read together, so far for my son read less.
I began to compose quatrains in his native language — Tatar — about the son infinitely and them to tell him. For example, the translation of one of them: “Muhammad we have a skein! In Kazan there lives the grandmother. Game gives mother. And the work goes dad.”
In the bottomless vastness of the Internet I found a huge list of word games. We have available only a few of them, such as the following.
Where. Alternately ask the kid about the location of objects. Where is the lamp? Where is the table? Where the chair is, etc.

And she answered, pointing to the kid object. It is expected that over time the kid will start to find and show, and then to call the right things.

Edible-inedible. Just listing the different words. If I call something edible, fervently exclaim “Am!”, pretending to want to eat the baby. Ideally, “Am” should start talking baby.

Who else yells. Again I ask myself: How roaring donkey? As screaming frog? And itself answered. The more artistic and fun, I do it, the more squeals and happy son.

By analogy with the above, I invented the game and called it “everything and nothing”. Just asking questions about everything and, of course, the very same answer. Questions can be any. For example: who are you? You’re a kid. And who am I? I am a mother. What are you? You little. And I’m what? I’m a big.

What are you doing? Where we are — and so on, until you get bored. Nothing special, but sometimes, when dried out a fantasy and other conversations tired questions like this.

Since the son has learned to sit, I put him on his leg and pretend to ride on horseback. Recently the idea came to stop, bumping into houses of different animals, play dialogues. Jump-jump-jump. Imitate the sound of hooves, bring the horse “On!”, simulate the response of the animal “And a-ha!”. The slow thud of hoofs. Say:
— Look here, boy, mink. I wonder who lives in the burrow? Knock-knock, Hello! Who lives here?
— Wee-wee-wee, I’m a mouse.
— How are you, mouse? What do you like to eat? We’d treated.
— Pee-pee-pee, I eat cheese and bread.
— Oh, we have no cheese, but bread I can share.

Thank you, pee-pee.
— Cheers, buddy, and we will continue our way.
Thus our imaginary horse stops near a dwelling sheep, frogs, cats and other animals. Play until the fun son.

And I make a great storyteller. I tell my son about the usual things in fairy-tale form. For example, tell him about the turnip and beets that live in the rustic backyard of my aunt and the whole day waiting when there would come seven nights, and watered. Of course, for an adult this tale may seem uninteresting, but this way I acquaint the son with the names of different fruits and berries (because they live next door to our heroes the turnip and beet), tell him that the garden needs water.
Tell. This time just do what you must, do all mothers.

Voiced kid each action, describe our surroundings while walking, tell him a few poems, stories and tongue twisters that you know by heart, stories Free Baby Products from the lives of prophets.


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