Usually children make their first independent Best Baby Products steps around to twelve months. However, the range is very large. If the majority of children start in the period from ten to sixteen months, and some for the year already running, others will go only to eighteen months. Furthermore, the baby will need a few months to really get comfortable with walking. The speed of this development depends on several factors.

Body type: small child learns to balance and walk faster than chubby.
Muscle tone: varies for all children and depends primarily on the genotype of the child.
The formation of neural connections: they give the child a sense of distance and space.
Temperament: curious and brave baby, feel safe and trust their surroundings, will go before the restless or located more to the contemplation of the child.

The rhythm of development: some children pay more attention to the observation of the world around them, development speech or fine motor skills, but not the first steps. You cannot learn everything at the same time!
The urge is your role… However, I do not advise you to act too Intrusive.
It is considered that a child who can not walk in a year and a half, not developing “normally”, but in fact it is not necessarily an indication of any delay in the development! However, it is better to consult the doctor. The doctor is sure that the child has no psychomotor abnormalities or delays in development. If your baby is hypotonic (not too energetic in terms of motor activity), your doctor may prescribe sessions of kinesitherapy.

“My child year, and he still does not crawl on all fours. It is a sign of underdevelopment?”

Some babies completely skip this phase of development, like crawling. Skipping the stage of walking on all fours, the child may not learn to coordinate movement of arms and legs. Our advice: make your kid learned to walk on all fours, never put him, until he will not learn. Otherwise, he will remain in the sitting position and will not move. Again, it is imperative to allow the baby to play on the floor — so it will have its own sensory-motor experiences.

“A premature baby longer to learn to walk?”

 This may indeed be so; the reason for this can be the posture in which the child was forced to lie in an incubator for premature babies, the lack of communication with the world around him, as well as irritability of the sense organs.

But also — and primarily — this is because the baby was born too early. It is quite normal that the baby, born two months before term, get back on my feet just to thirteen to fourteen months or even later. This lag then gradually smoothed out. With significant prematurity or the detection of delays of psychomotor development of very useful sessions of kinesitherapy or psychomotor development.

“A few weeks ago, my baby took her first steps, but since he’s not coming…”

No need to worry. A new sense of independence that gives the child walking, it is very interesting for him, but at the same time it scares him. There is nothing surprising in the fact that the child alternates between the triumphant feeling one gets from walking, with periods of regression, when it again begins to crawl on all fours or refuses to let go of your hand Best Baby Products. After a few days or weeks he will start to train — and will probably be more than confident to stand on his feet.

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