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Yes, children need affection to feel secure, to learn to understand their own emotions and to read the expressions on the faces of other people. However, infants have faith, when you understand them. You can Baby Skin Care carry the baby around all day, let him sleep on your chest and sleep in your bed. However, if you don’t see its features, don’t understand it and don’t give him exactly what he needs, no matter how long you nursed, he doesn’t have a sense of confidence and security.

 This is especially true in the age between seven and nine months — in the period when the baby comes, natural separation anxiety. At this point the child perceives the mother as the most important thing in his life. However, his brain is not yet so developed, to realize that if mom and goes, it’s not forever. If it is correct to brace up child and talking in a friendly voice (“Hey, that’s okay, I’m here”) — and, of course, with some patience, some natural separation anxiety will disappear after one or two months.

Now think, what happens to the child whose parents show excessive concern all the time over him. He is not allowed to be upset, he was never taught how to calm down. He can’t act independently, because parents consider it their duty to amuse him.

When a child begins to experience the natural separation anxiety and calls for dad and mom, they are rapidly rushing to save him and, without realizing it, further reinforce his fears. It is close to the so-called prolonged separation anxiety.

Fear of separation: the story of TIA and Belinda

Here is one of the most serious cases of prolonged separation anxiety, which I have seen in all my years of work. To say that TIA clingy would be an understatement. “From the moment I Wake up,’ said her mother Belinda, ‘ she’s with me all the time. She can play by herself not more than two or three minutes.

If I don’t pick her up, she will scream until she gets sick”.

Belinda recalled an instance when she and her daughter were returning from my grandmother. TIA, feeling abandoned, because she was sitting in the car in the seat and not at the hands of her mother, began to cry. Belinda tried to comfort her, but TIA started crying even louder. The mother decided not to stop the car, but when they got home, she started vomiting.

The situation becomes even more complicated by the fact that TIA began to Wake up during the night; if she cry a couple of times, then this night was considered “good”. Martin, who six months shared the difficulties with his wife, could not calm her daughter because she recognized only Belinda.

During the day she was exhausted, constantly carrying the baby on your hand or listening to her cries. It deprived her of the opportunity to do something or to find any time for Jasmine, three sisters baby. About the time you would spend together with her husband, and speech does not go.

I asked Belinda to pull the baby down, continuing to chat with her, and while continuing dialogue, to do household chores. If Belinda had to leave the room, she still had to talk to TIA continued to hear the voice of my mother.

I have recommended her if TIA cries and call her down next to the baby on his knees, but not to lift her up. She could comfort her, to hug and to hold in your arms, how her baby will allow. I advised her to say: “Well, you’re right. And I’m here with you.” As soon as TIA starts to calm down, Belinda had to distract her with some toy or song — something that could get the girl Baby Skin Care to forget about the fears.


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