A child with hypertonia overly Baby Product tense, caught, bound, she is easily overwhelmed — it is impossible to put to sleep, nor to dress, nor to feed normally. The main problem of these children — the inability to relax, inability to “let go” of extra tension, to calm down.

Baby with hypotonia, on the contrary, too lax. As he gets older he has a stooped posture, awkward gait, it is difficult to maintain a fixed posture, decreased perception of oneself in space: the child and then “stumble on air” — loses balance easily when walking or changing of body position. “Clearly, trying to show skill with such motor apparatus — that is, to write with a broken pencil,” says Bernstein.

Parents are often concerned about the hypertonicity of the child — its easier to see, and he brings a lot of trouble. And you lower the tone at first, as a rule, overlooked: children with hypotonia — compliant, do not show excessive activity and do not annoy adults.

They are “comfortable”, especially for caregivers nannies. In their modesty and shyness we see no problems — they begin later, when it becomes clear that these children quickly get tired, hard to motivate, they want nothing, grow sluggish, both physically and emotionally.

The tone is a necessary condition, that the child grew up smart, strong, active and, most importantly, is able not only to strain but also relax and because of this on a physical level to feel the confidence in the world, Union with him.

The first year of a child’s life: what determines health and character?

Body sensitivity

“Sebastian — he’s eight years old — always in a hurry. The school pulls book pages, plays pens, ruler knocks and breaks pencils. He was gritting his teeth and chews the collar.

Sebastian’s knees are shaking, foot tapping, eyes torn, the fingers teasing the ears. He moves his chair back, and then jerk back. He squirmed on the spot, squat down, clutching his knees to his chest. He breaks away whenever possible to sharpen a pencil or throw a crumpled paper into the basket with garbage. His irrepressible activity interfere with the teacher and classmates. Sebastian is looking for Baby Product sensations: more, more, more…”


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