Every day your baby is changing and doing new Baby Newborn discoveries. So you want to remember every moment of his life! But don’t keep the same hours of a professional photographer in front of the baby. Although why not? If so pros who know how to make beautiful, unusual and bright images to become yourself! Our educational program is for those who want to master the skill of photographing children.

 How to photograph children. The photo session indoors and outdoors – with their hands

Boldly become the Director of their photos and don’t be afraid to experiment. Invent stories, make photos of mini history. While the baby is very small, most of the time he sleeps, and this is a great opportunity to give free rein to their imagination. Don’t be lazy, pull out old pictures, look in magazines, online, on the postcards of those pictures that you like. Seeing the pattern of the desired frame, it will be easier to make a nice picture.

Young children should not be removed from a distance of 3-5 meters. Otherwise the kid can just “get lost” against the background of the surrounding landscape and will create the impression that you rented a room (the street, the yard, the interior of the house), and in the child frame came by accident.

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Lighting for photography

In photography the most important thing is light. Light you can draw, using any sources that are at hand. For example, the light from the window, the light from table lamps, light from candles and lanterns. That’s why the most beautiful photos are outdoors, in natural lighting.

Most commonly used light from the window. To reduce needless lighting, zadernuv curtain or moving the child away from the window. Try not to use the built-in flash, as it does not make the frame a beautiful, bright and cozy. Do not place baby in front of a light source (backlight), that is, between the light source and you — otherwise it can be a vague dark silhouette Baby Newborn against the light spots.

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