24 Ava

Ava is a baby girl name that is said to have originated from the Latin word “avis,” meaning “bird.” It may have also been derived from the name Chava meaning “life” or “living one”. Chava is the Hebrew form of Eve. The started getting more attention as the actress Ava Gardner gained fame.

Girls named Ava tend to be beautiful not just on the outside, but at heart too. Honest is important to her. She doesn’t fall in love very easily, but when she does, it becomes quite obvious. Her passionate nature can cause her to get obsessed with things and people she loves. She needs to learn to let go and enjoy life without trying to control its flow.

23 Ruby

Ruby is a Victorian baby name taken from the name of the gemstone ruby. The gemstone was named based on the Latin word ‘ruber’, meaning red. Since ruby is the birthstone for the month of July, it would be ideal to name your darling daughter Ruby if she was born in the same month,

The name Ruby gained popularity along with other jewel names in the late Victorian era.

Ruby is an outgoing girl. She makes a great friend and the worst enemy as she is not afraid to speak what’s on her mind. She may be a bit too loud and talkative, but it’s hard not to love this flamboyant character. She loves to party and has an affinity for wearing bright red lipstick and she can indeed carry that off in style.

22 Amelia

Amelia is a baby girl name. It is said to be an English variant of the German name Amalia. Though the German word ‘amal’ means ‘work’, it also implies industriousness and fertility. Amy, Emma, Milly, and Mel are cute short forms for girls named Amelia.

Etymologists say that Amelia is unrelated to the Latin woman Aemilia, though the English name Emily is derived from it. Girls named Amelia tend to be fun, smart and great to hang out with. She is an amazing friend who sticks with you through thick and thin. She has a charismatic personality that can lighten black clouds and make anyone smile.