30 Olivia

The English baby girl name Olivia has the interesting meaning: Elf Army. It is the feminine version of the masculine name Oliver. Olivia was first used as a girl’s name in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night. The Latin meaning of the name is “olive branch,”

Olivia has been a popular name in English-speaking countries since 1990s. It has ranked among the most popular names for girls in Britain for the last three decades. Olivia was the 3rd most popular name for Australian girl babies in 2013. In 2017, it ranked in the 2nd place for the most popular baby names in the United States. Girls named Olivia tend to be peacekeepers. They hate negative atmospheres and arguments. They are good negotiators and love helping others.

29 Violet

Violet is a baby girl name that is obviously derived from the flower violet. The color violet is also named after this flower and not the other way around. Flower names were especially popular around 1880 through about 1910 in the United States. The name has surprisingly revived in the recent years and is climbing the charts. From dropping below position 1000 in early 2000, the name Violet became the 69th most popular girls’ name in 2013. In 2019, it may even rank in the first 10 names.

Viola, Violeta, Violetta, or Violette are the various varieties of this splendid name. Girls named Violet tend to be quiet, compassionate and kind. She is one of the most caring people you will ever meet.

28 Matilda

Mathilda or Matilda is a baby girl name of Germanic Gothic derivation. It originated from the Old High German “maht” which means “might, strength” and “hild” meaning “battle”. In 2008, Mathilde was among the top 10 most popular names for girls in Denmark. The name had become popular in the United States between 1880 and 1910 through its usage waned afterward.

Matilda made a reappearance in 2008 and has since been making its way up the list. Girls named Matilda have a unique personality. They make very loyal friends who stand by you through hail and storm, so if you do find one, stick with her. Isn’t that a wonderful name for your daughter?


27 Lila

The adorable baby girl name Lila is derived from the name Leila which in turn is a derivative of the Semitic word for night. Arabic Leila means night, dark beauty while the Persian Leila means dark-haired. The spelling Lila is more popular though and the name spread to English speaking countries with George Byron’s poem “The Giaour” in 1813.

Lila is the Spanish word for the color lilac though, in the German language, it means purple. Aren’t lilac and purple the same? Not really! According to Pediaa.com, Lilac is a pale violet shade with a slightly pinkish hue while Purple is a color intermediate between red and blue. The Indian version of Lila has the meaning “beauty”. Probably a shorter version of the Sanskrit name Lilavati which means “amusing, charming, graceful”.

26 Grace

Grace is an English baby girl name with the meaning: elegance, poise, light-footed. The name is derived from the Latin word ‘gratia’, meaning God’s favor. The name Grace is usually given in reference to the Christian concept of divine grace. The Irish variant of the name Grace is Gráinne while the Albanian use Greis or Graciela.

Girls named Grace are God’s gift to the earth as they are beautiful and, smart, yet kind and caring. She is blessed with a great sense of humor that she can laugh at her own blunders. She is a great friend to have as she has a magnificent personality.


25 Evelyn

Evelyn is an English baby name that means ‘beautiful bird’. It can be used as a first name or a surname. The Irish meaning of the name Evelyn is “beauty” and “radiance” In Old Irish, Evelyn means hazelnut. You may be surprised to find that the name is also used for boys, though definitely much more popular for girls.

Evelyn is derived from Aveline which in turn is a feminine Norman French diminutive of the name Ava. Evelyn is also an Anglicised version of the Irish Aibhilín and Éibhleann. In German, the name Evelyn means ‘little bird’. A variant of this name includes Evelyne, Eveline, Evaline. Girls named Evelyn are sweet and caring. They are hard workers who do not give up easily.

24 Ava

Ava is a baby girl name that is said to have originated from the Latin word “avis,” meaning “bird.” It may have also been derived from the name Chava meaning “life” or “living one”. Chava is the Hebrew form of Eve. The started getting more attention as the actress Ava Gardner gained fame.

Girls named Ava tend to be beautiful not just on the outside, but at heart too. Honest is important to her. She doesn’t fall in love very easily, but when she does, it becomes quite obvious. Her passionate nature can cause her to get obsessed with things and people she loves. She needs to learn to let go and enjoy life without trying to control its flow.


23 Ruby

Ruby is a Victorian baby name taken from the name of the gemstone ruby. The gemstone was named based on the Latin word ‘ruber’, meaning red. Since ruby is the birthstone for the month of July, it would be ideal to name your darling daughter Ruby if she was born in the same month,

The name Ruby gained popularity along with other jewel names in the late Victorian era.

Ruby is an outgoing girl. She makes a great friend and the worst enemy as she is not afraid to speak what’s on her mind. She may be a bit too loud and talkative, but it’s hard not to love this flamboyant character. She loves to party and has an affinity for wearing bright red lipstick and she can indeed carry that off in style.

22 Amelia

Amelia is a baby girl name. It is said to be an English variant of the German name Amalia. Though the German word ‘amal’ means ‘work’, it also implies industriousness and fertility. Amy, Emma, Milly, and Mel are cute short forms for girls named Amelia.

Etymologists say that Amelia is unrelated to the Latin woman Aemilia, though the English name Emily is derived from it. Girls named Amelia tend to be fun, smart and great to hang out with. She is an amazing friend who sticks with you through thick and thin. She has a charismatic personality that can lighten black clouds and make anyone smile.

21 Ella

According to Greek mythology, Ella was the daughter of Athamas and Nephele. The name Ella may have been derived from Hellas, the Greek name for the country of Greece. Ella is also said to be a Norman version of the Germanic short name Alia meaning “other. You can name your beloved baby girl Eleanor, Elizabeth or Eloise and call her Ella for short.

In the Hebrew language, the word Ella meanings ‘goddess’. It also carries the meaning ‘a Pista tree’. Girls named Ella tend to brunettes with a bubbly personality. Her vivid imagination allows her to dream big. She can be quite absent-minded as her mind tends to wander and get caught up in fantasy land. She is a dreamer who wants to make the world a better place for everyone in it.

20 Harper

The unisex baby name Harper is actually a Scottish family name that is said to have originated in the Dalriadan region of Scotland and is associated with Clan Buchanan. It may have also been derived from the German family name Härpfer. The origin of these names is the musical instrument harp.

Girls named Harper always have a smile on their face and can lights up the room when they walk in. Harper is intelligent and funny. She is so beautiful that she comes across as a Goddess. She stands up to bullies and speaks up for what’s right.

19 Emilia

Emilia is a baby girl name derived from Aemilia, the feminine form of the Latin name Aemilius. It has the same Latin root word aemulus, meaning: to rival, excel, or emulate. The corresponding masculine name is Emil. Germanic names like Amalia may seem related to Emilia, Emily, and Aemilia, but they actually have a different origin.

Girls named Emilia will never let you down. They are good listeners who have the interest and patience to help other people and listen to them sincerely. She can be a little too serious at times. She likes to be treated with courtesy and respect and gives the same in return. She ignores or avoids negative personalities.

18 River

Though River used to be a masculine name, more than half of the babies named River are now girls, and this fraction is expected to increase. River Stone, born in 2011, is the daughter of singer Melissa Auf der Maur and filmmaker Tony Stone.

Girls named River are tomboys. They don’t like frilly frocks and glittery party shoes. They enjoy jumping in muddy puddles and battling it out with their Barbie dolls. You’ll find them clambering up trees like little monkeys and are quite agile. They tend to pick up jobs that keep them moving rather than just a sedentary desk job. They seek out action and adventure.

17 Charlie

Wondering what a boy’s name is doing on this list? Charlie is a unisex given name in English-speaking countries, often a nickname for Charles. Though traditionally a boy’s name in England and Wales, Charlie is more commonly used as a girl’s name in the United States.

According to the Wikipedia, Charlie was the 185th most popular name for girls, while being the 227th most popular for boys in the year 2016. Charlie is a great nickname for Charlotte or Charlene, sometimes on its own. The spelling variants of Charlie include Charlee, Charli, Charly, Charley and even Charleigh. Girls named Charlie can be very sarcastic but they are super fun to be around and very funny.

16 Millie

Millie is a Latin baby girl name with the meanings: Servant for the temple, Free-born, noble. It is derived from the feminine version of the name Camillus, namely Camilla. Ever heard of the Roman mythological Volscian warrior queen Camilla? Millie is also used in short for other names like Emily, Millicent, Mildred, or Amelia.

Girls named Millie are sensual and fascinating to watch. They have a natural grace that draws people to them. They are soft-spoken and gentle people who can get emotionally hurt easily. They are sensitive to criticism, but at the same time, she has the ability to rise above others opinion and stay strong.

15 Pearl

Pearl is a Latin baby girl name with the meaning: Precious. It’s the perfect name for June born girls as a pearl is the birthstone for that particular month. Because pearls come from the sea, the name is also associated with the characteristics of moon and water.

According to Wikipedia, “In Nathaniel Hawthorne’s 1850 novel The Scarlet Letter, heroine Hester Prynne names her illegitimate daughter Pearl because the child is “of great price, purchased with all she had, her mother’s only treasure.” The passage refers to the Parable of the Pearl in the New Testament. “ Isn’t that just heartwarming? What better way to name your precious bundle of joy than this gorgeous name which also signifies innocence, radiance and elegance.

14 Patience

Patience is an English baby name with the meaning of Patience. It refers to the virtue of patience. Though created by the Puritans in the 1600s, the name Patience has seen a slow and steady rise in its usage in the United States throughout its history. It hit the top 1,000 names for newborn girls in the US in 1994. In 2011, it ranked at 843 on th baby names popularity list for newborn American girls.

Little girls named Patience have a sweet disposition and a pleasant smile. They tend to be introverted and have difficulty in making friends. They are shy and soft-spoken. Onc they make friends, then these bonds are nurtured to last a lifetime. A girl named Patience is one of the best friends you can have as she is loyal and trustworthy.

13 Delilah

Delilah is a Hebrew baby name with the meanings: Amorous, delight, languishing, temptress. The name has slightly negative bearing due to the character Delilah in the Old Testament of the Holy Bible. Samson’s mistress Delilah tricked him into revealing the secret of his strength, then betrayed him to the Philistines. But it’s not one person who defines a name for all eternity.

“Delilah” is a song recorded by Welsh singer Tom Jones in December, 1967. Girls named Delilah are sensual personalities who can attract anyone with their attractive personality and talkative nature. They are charming and love being the center of attention. They have many talents and they choose a career that allows them to get the spotlight. They are usually financially successful as they are hardworking and focused on their goals.

12 Scarlett

Scarlett is a feminine English surname with the meaning: a seller of scarlet cloth. The character Scarlett O’Hara in Margaret Mitchell’s best-selling novel Gone with the Wind made this name famous in the mid 1950’s. You may be surprised to hear that Scarlett was the 17th most popular name for baby girls in England in 2013. In 2014, it ranked at 30 on the list of the most popular baby girls name in the United States.

It probably no surprise that girls named Scarlett are quite beautiful and they look best in red. She is a bold girl who lets nothing get in the way of what she wants. This go-getter is destined for success in life. She is a loyal caring friend with a heart of gold.


11 Bella

Bella is a female name most commonly used as a diminutive form of names ending in -Bella – like Isabella. Bella is claimed by the Spanish, Italian and Latin for its origin though it means beautiful in all these languages. The French version of the name is Belle, also meaning beautiful.

Girls named Bella have a great sense of humor. She is quick to laugh at the her own foolish mistakes too. Their quick wit can easily brighten up your bad day as if they just clicked a button. Though she may seem angelic and beautiful, she has many imperfections or flaws. And it’s often these imperfections and quirks that make her so endearing.

10 Avery

Traditionally a last name derived from Alfred, the baby girl name Avery means “wise” in French, or rather “ruling with elf-wisdom”. In English, it takes on the meaning “counselor.”Avery may have been derived from the ancient Germanic name Alberich. Avery was more common as a boys’ name, but later on it became more popular and common as a girls’ name.

According to the Wikipedia, in the 1910 census, the name Avery ranked in at 634 as the most common given name for males in the United States. But in 2011, the name Avery ranked in the top 20 most common name for girls born in the United States, peaking at number 12 in 2013.

9 Brianna

Brianna is an English baby girl name derived from the masculine Irish name Brian.”Briana” is the original spelling and the name originated in England around the 16th century. The name Brianna has become increasingly popular in the United States in recent times. The meaning of the name Brianna is strong.

Bryanna, Breanna, Brianne, Brina, and Breanne are variations of the same name. Bri is a common nickname for all such names though referring to Brianna as Brian may not be a welcome option. According to the Urbandictionary, girls named Brianna tend to have red or dark brown hair and brown eyes!

8 Cheyenne

The name Cheyenne is derived from the Dakota Indian shaiyena. Shaia means to ‘speak unintelligibly’. Cheyenne is the name of a tribe of Algonquian Indians. There is a river and a city with the name Cheyenne.

Girls named Cheyenne can be quite shy till she gets to know someone and be comfortable enough to open up and be her true self. Then you will realize that she is actually very outgoing. She doesn’t like talking about personal things. Cheyenne’s tend to be quite good looking though normally not very girly.


7 Hailey

Hailey or Hayley is a Northern English surname Hale or Hales meaning ‘residing in a nook, recess, or remote valley. According to babynamewizard.com, the names may have also been derived from the place-name Hailey, which is made up of the Old English elements hēg (hay) and lēah (wood, clearing, meadow).

In mid-1900’s, the name became popular due to child actress Hayley Mills. The name Hiley saw a sudden spike in popularity during the 1990s, but again declined significantly till recently. Now Hailey is among the top preferred names for baby girls in the United States.

6 Kaitlin

Kaitlin is an Irish baby name. It is a modern phonetic form of the Irish name Caitlin which in turn was derived from Catherine. The name Catherine was created from the Ancient Greek Αἰκατερίνη (Aikaterine). According to the Wikipedia, historically, the name was anglicized as Kathleen, but non-Irish speakers pronounced the name as KAYT-lin, which led to many variations in spelling.

Kaitlin and the other derivations are generally believed to mean “pure” because of the Greek adjective καθαρός katharos (pure). Girls named Kaitlin tend to be cute and funny with a sweet personality. Her friends love her friends and would do anything for her.


5 Chloe

Chloe is a Greek baby girl name, meaning ‘blooming’ or ‘fertility’. As far as pronunciation is concerned, Chloe rhymes with snowy. Chloe has been a name in the United Kingdom since about 1990, though it seems to have suddenly spiked even higher on the popular baby lists in recent times.

The name Chloe is derived from the Greek word χλόη (khlóē), which is another name for the Greek goddess Demeter. Chloe carries the meaning – young green foliage or shoots of plants. The French version of the name is spelled as Chloé. Girls named Chloe are extremely witty and can make a whole room of people laugh.


4 Arionna

Arionna is a Welsh baby girl name meaning “silver”. It is also a variation of the Persian female name Ariana. The name of the country Iran, formerly known as Persia, originated from the Sanskrit word Aryānā (Ariana) meaning “The Land of the Aryans”. Arianna is also the Latinized form of the name Ariadne, the daughter of Minos, in Greek mythology.

Girls named Arionna tend to be beautiful and athletic. They are loving and nice but they can also be stubborn and will not take no for an answer. They can make good leaders though they need to be a little more diplomatic in handling people.


3 Christal

Christal is a Scottish baby name with the meaning: Christian. The name is also claimed to be of American origin as a variation of the name Crystal. Kristal, Krystal, Cristal, Kristel, Krystle, and Kristol are other derivations. These are based on the gemstone crystal whose name is derived from the Ancient Greek word κρύσταλλος krystallos meaning ‘ice’.

Girls named Christal have charming personalities. They are self-confident and walk with a poise that makes them look regal. If you have a friend named Christal, you’ll probably find that she is the smartest person you know.


2 Samantha

Samantha is an English baby girl name that emerged around in 1633 Warwickshire, England. It is said to have originated from the masculine name Samuel and anthos, the Greek word for “flower”. Wikipedia observes that it may have been a feminine form of Samuel with the addition of the already existing feminine name Anthea.

The name remained obscure until a novel series by Marietta Holley was published featuring the adventures of a lady called Samantha in 1873. In 1880, the Samantha name ranked among the top 1,000 names for girls in the United States from 1880, but it lost steam in the early 20th century, It appeared again in 1958 at the 998th position and 472nd place in 1964. The name rose to 179 in the next one year following the release of the television show Bewitched in 1965. The lead character was a young witch named Samantha Stephens. Samantha is one of the leading names in the race currently.


1 Madison

Madison is a baby name of English origin with the meaning “Son of Matthew”. Though it used to be a boys’ name which was derived from Mathieson, it became more popular for baby girls and took on the meaning “child of Matthew”.

According to the Wikipedia, from a practically non-existent girl name before 1985, Madison rose to be the second-most-popular name given to baby girls in 2001. It declined in popularity after that. In 2009, Madison was back at the seventh place in the coveted list. It is one of the most anticipated baby girl names for 2019. Girls named Madison tend to be athletic. They are food lovers who prefer healthy food choices to sweeter junk foods.

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