10 Avery

Traditionally a last name derived from Alfred, the baby girl name Avery means “wise” in French, or rather “ruling with elf-wisdom”. In English, it takes on the meaning “counselor.”Avery may have been derived from the ancient Germanic name Alberich. Avery was more common as a boys’ name, but later on it became more popular and common as a girls’ name.

According to the Wikipedia, in the 1910 census, the name Avery ranked in at 634 as the most common given name for males in the United States. But in 2011, the name Avery ranked in the top 20 most common name for girls born in the United States, peaking at number 12 in 2013.

9 Brianna

Brianna is an English baby girl name derived from the masculine Irish name Brian.”Briana” is the original spelling and the name originated in England around the 16th century. The name Brianna has become increasingly popular in the United States in recent times. The meaning of the name Brianna is strong.

Bryanna, Breanna, Brianne, Brina, and Breanne are variations of the same name. Bri is a common nickname for all such names though referring to Brianna as Brian may not be a welcome option. According to the Urbandictionary, girls named Brianna tend to have red or dark brown hair and brown eyes!

8 Cheyenne

The name Cheyenne is derived from the Dakota Indian shaiyena. Shaia means to ‘speak unintelligibly’. Cheyenne is the name of a tribe of Algonquian Indians. There is a river and a city with the name Cheyenne.

Girls named Cheyenne can be quite shy till she gets to know someone and be comfortable enough to open up and be her true self. Then you will realize that she is actually very outgoing. She doesn’t like talking about personal things. Cheyenne’s tend to be quite good looking though normally not very girly.