7 Hailey

Hailey or Hayley is a Northern English surname Hale or Hales meaning ‘residing in a nook, recess, or remote valley. According to babynamewizard.com, the names may have also been derived from the place-name Hailey, which is made up of the Old English elements hēg (hay) and lēah (wood, clearing, meadow).

In mid-1900’s, the name became popular due to child actress Hayley Mills. The name Hiley saw a sudden spike in popularity during the 1990s, but again declined significantly till recently. Now Hailey is among the top preferred names for baby girls in the United States.

6 Kaitlin

Kaitlin is an Irish baby name. It is a modern phonetic form of the Irish name Caitlin which in turn was derived from Catherine. The name Catherine was created from the Ancient Greek Αἰκατερίνη (Aikaterine). According to the Wikipedia, historically, the name was anglicized as Kathleen, but non-Irish speakers pronounced the name as KAYT-lin, which led to many variations in spelling.

Kaitlin and the other derivations are generally believed to mean “pure” because of the Greek adjective καθαρός katharos (pure). Girls named Kaitlin tend to be cute and funny with a sweet personality. Her friends love her friends and would do anything for her.

5 Chloe

Chloe is a Greek baby girl name, meaning ‘blooming’ or ‘fertility’. As far as pronunciation is concerned, Chloe rhymes with snowy. Chloe has been a name in the United Kingdom since about 1990, though it seems to have suddenly spiked even higher on the popular baby lists in recent times.

The name Chloe is derived from the Greek word χλόη (khlóē), which is another name for the Greek goddess Demeter. Chloe carries the meaning – young green foliage or shoots of plants. The French version of the name is spelled as Chloé. Girls named Chloe are extremely witty and can make a whole room of people laugh.

4 Arionna

Arionna is a Welsh baby girl name meaning “silver”. It is also a variation of the Persian female name Ariana. The name of the country Iran, formerly known as Persia, originated from the Sanskrit word Aryānā (Ariana) meaning “The Land of the Aryans”. Arianna is also the Latinized form of the name Ariadne, the daughter of Minos, in Greek mythology.

Girls named Arionna tend to be beautiful and athletic. They are loving and nice but they can also be stubborn and will not take no for an answer. They can make good leaders though they need to be a little more diplomatic in handling people.

3 Christal

Christal is a Scottish baby name with the meaning: Christian. The name is also claimed to be of American origin as a variation of the name Crystal. Kristal, Krystal, Cristal, Kristel, Krystle, and Kristol are other derivations. These are based on the gemstone crystal whose name is derived from the Ancient Greek word κρύσταλλος krystallos meaning ‘ice’.

Girls named Christal have charming personalities. They are self-confident and walk with a poise that makes them look regal. If you have a friend named Christal, you’ll probably find that she is the smartest person you know.

2 Samantha

Samantha is an English baby girl name that emerged around in 1633 Warwickshire, England. It is said to have originated from the masculine name Samuel and anthos, the Greek word for “flower”. Wikipedia observes that it may have been a feminine form of Samuel with the addition of the already existing feminine name Anthea.

The name remained obscure until a novel series by Marietta Holley was published featuring the adventures of a lady called Samantha in 1873. In 1880, the Samantha name ranked among the top 1,000 names for girls in the United States from 1880, but it lost steam in the early 20th century, It appeared again in 1958 at the 998th position and 472nd place in 1964. The name rose to 179 in the next one year following the release of the television show Bewitched in 1965. The lead character was a young witch named Samantha Stephens. Samantha is one of the leading names in the race currently.

1 Madison

Madison is a baby name of English origin with the meaning “Son of Matthew”. Though it used to be a boys’ name which was derived from Mathieson, it became more popular for baby girls and took on the meaning “child of Matthew”.

According to the Wikipedia, from a practically non-existent girl name before 1985, Madison rose to be the second-most-popular name given to baby girls in 2001. It declined in popularity after that. In 2009, Madison was back at the seventh place in the coveted list. It is one of the most anticipated baby girl names for 2019. Girls named Madison tend to be athletic. They are food lovers who prefer healthy food choices to sweeter junk foods.

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