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This happens to many children when they feel that their mom left. Natural separation Baby Health anxiety does not go into a protracted, if you will do the following:

Crouch next to the child, they find themselves on the same level with him when he is upset and comfort him with words and embraces, but does not elevate his hands;
to respond to a crying baby in a calm and upbeat manner;
to monitor the tone of his voice — and not to repeat the panic intonations of the child;
as soon as the baby calms down a bit, try to distract him;
play with the kids in “cuckoo”, so he could see that although you go away for a minute, but come back again;
to play, hiding from him around the corner, make your child used to short periods of absence;
leaving the house, ask someone from family members or a nanny bring child to the door to wave him goodbye; maybe he will continuously cry during your absence, it is natural if it is tied to you, but you must build confidence.

Improvement of sleep of an infant.

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