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The way a child will gain weight and grow in Baby Feeding Chart length, depends on genetic data from his power and from the quality of life in General. While heredity affects largely on the growth of the child — if mom and dad are high, and the growth of their son or daughter is likely to also be the same. But the main role in weight gain is played by the quality of the food is properly fed baby, so weight gain will be good. And, of course, the great value has quality of a child’s life: if it grows in good conditions, often outdoors (especially important sunbathing), if many do, pay attention to health, so growth and weight gain will be normal for his age.

The growth of full-term newborns is usually in the range 46-56, see the Boys, as a rule, longer than girls, but if parents are high, the baby girl could significantly outpace the average growth of a newborn boy.

What happens to the growth of children in the first year of life? During this period, the child only grows more intense by as much as 20-25 cm. Further, such a significant increase in growth.

It is known that the growth of children is increased irregularly, irregular. For example, there are seasonal and daily dynamics. Many parents find that over the summer the child is extruded more than at other times of the year. Another set that night, the children are Baby Feeding Chart growing faster than during the day.

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