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In addition, physical energy is closely Baby Feeding Bottles linked with emotional physical and emotional resilience as two sides of the same coin: violation of the tone accompanied by disturbances of emotional stability, and our feelings and stress lead to violations of physical resistance. No wonder we say: “feet”, “the ground is slipping from under the feet”, “dizzy”.

By the time of birth of the child the tone isn’t “Mature” and a huge role in its formation belongs to the mother. When the mother nursed the baby, hugs it, cradles, breast-feeding, she thereby his tone literally builds his tone. No wonder it is recommended to feed the baby even if the bottle is not in the crib or on a chair, and holding him in his arms, embracing her and supporting his head. In loving hands somewhere warm and safe to relax, any tension is removed by rocking a soft or gentle stroking. If the mother is relaxed and calm, it is passed and the baby.

 Formation to help tone and all kinds of rotation, whirling, light toss, during which the baby is experiencing a very important feeling of rise and fall, the impact on his body due to gravity. Experimentally confirmed: if babies to whirl around, raise, lower, before they start walking. But this should be done in moments of “sopostavlenie”, “tonic Association”.

What is sopostavlenie? It can be good to feel when we are sleepy or sleeping child. Only when the baby falls asleep, his little body “adjusted” by our hands, pressed against us, as it merges with our body. But here he fell asleep, and body slips out, gets loose, the baby has to bear, is not very convenient.

If in the early stages of development the baby is still “gleaning mother’s hands” may be a serious Baby Feeding Bottles failure in the optimization of tone — and then talk about either Hyper-or hypotonia.


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