Baby Development Stages – Baby Care

Behaviors to watch for at various months during a baby’s first year.

Four Months:

Months Zero to three Babies benifit from simple toys like tactile blocks

  • Head control and 90 degree lift
  • Smiling and laughing
  • Reaching and gripping objects
  • Tracking objects with eys
  • interest in surroundings
  • Vocalizing
  • Recognizing familiar faces and interacting with people

Eight Months:

Months three to six babies can use toys that create an experience , sound , sparkle …

  • Ability to hold head in line with back
  • can sit independently
  • can identify things that are partially hidden
  • Thrilled to move and attempt to crawl
  • Experimentation with vocals
  • Facial Expressing : like or dislike with smiles or frowns
  • Demanding attention

Twelve months:

  • May be speaking a handful of words (GOOGOO)
  • using furniture and walls to balance and try to walk
  • May take first steps without help