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I with tenderness, love and a Baby Day Care smile on your face I remember your big, as I previously thought, experience with nephews. Success depended on how well I can relax and relive your childhood. Game in adult always led me to failure in dealing with them. I was very embarrassed by excessive cheerfulness and spontaneity of children in these qualities, I felt that disobedience and whims. I can’t explain why: maybe the adult in me felt that we were not as naughty.

 Now I think that the experience was not so great — in any case, it was not enough to fully prepare me for motherhood. When my son was born, I strongly felt that now, then certainly I need to be an adult and take responsibility not only for myself but also for my baby. And it took as long as five months, so I finally remembered and realized in the communication with the child is sometimes useful to in one’s dotage.

I want to share and to explain by example of talk with the baby, I mean.

Talking with children is sometimes difficult. I, even being incredibly talkative, faced with the fact that sometimes did not know what to say to a kid who is still not talking, and even makes sounds and babbles. “How so? — perhaps the reader will ask. — It’s your baby, and you don’t know what Baby Day Care to say to him?”.


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