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For example, a preschooler collects along with my dad railway. At the lowered tone, we can Baby Care Center observe his General weakness, he will fall out of your hands. If tone is increased, all items — carriages, rails, screws — it will hold too hard, risking to break. Violations of the body schema and tactile sensitivity will manifest itself in a disproportionate effort: he tries to connect the parts, but his movement is sharp, “broken”, so all the time something does not work. But if the child has difficulty with precision movements, it would be difficult to get the screwdriver in the screw or put the trailer exactly on the rails.

Attention absently, so he tends to get bored quickly, and he throws barely begun. Dad will need a lot of strength and patience to not be annoyed and continue to quietly play with his son.

In school, in such a complex skill as writing, weak tone may not allow the child to confidently hold a pen or pencil, to control the pressure. To bring the letter, he will have to work the entire body — the result of a lack of “detailed elaboration” of the body schema. And broken rhythm will lead to the fact that the letters are “dancing”.

How to prevent these problems? The study of infancy, including the most modern underscore what mom always knew intuitively: physical contact with the baby in the first year of his life is a truly magical tool.

We habitually attach to the word “coddle” an ironic or negative connotation: “What are you watching?”, “Come on baby!”. Many mothers are not fundamentally babysit infants: do not consider it necessary or think “Lisp” and “tateshots” — means only treat the child and to accustom to the hands.

Actually just need the baby to be nursed: wore, rocked, squeezed, caressed, admired.

The baby is nourished with this love and when growing up, no longer needs constant tactile nourishment. He increasingly starts to break away from parents, bolder and more confident to explore the world and return to the parent of the hands in a moment of danger. It is “nenene” — the most simple and effective way to give the baby optimal tone, to give him the wealth of bodily sensations, to create a body diagram, start rhythms and to develop the accuracy and purposefulness of movements. The development of our baby is Baby Care Center literally in our hands.


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