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The gripping reflex (Moro reflex)
If you lightly hit his hand on the changing table in the Baby Advice 20-30 cm from the baby’s head, he planted his hands, open her fingers, straighten legs, arch back. Then he collapsed, clenching his fingers and toes, folding his arms cross on chest (like hugging yourself) and tightens legs to the tummy (safe fetal position).

Plantar reflex
Press your finger on the ball of the foot in the area of the second and third fingers to bend the fingers.

The Babinski Reflex
Swipe on the outer edge of the foot from the heel to the toes. The baby first bend the big toe and then the fan will open and will bend the others fingers.

Protective reflex
When laying on a stomach the child turns his head to the side and tries to raise it.

This reaction is absolutely necessary in order not to suffocate in prone. After 1-1,5 month the children are already trying to actively hold her head up.

Crawling reflex (reflex Bauer)
When the baby lies on his stomach, place a hand under the foot, the child will reflexively repelled by it. The reflex disappears by 3-4 months of life.

The GALANT Reflex
If you swipe sideways from the spine of the baby, he will bend the torso arc.

Reflex Perez
Put the baby on your belly and slide your finger on the spine from the tailbone to the neck, pressing lightly on the spinous processes of the vertebrae.

The child will bend the arms and legs, raise the head and ass and may even start to scream.

Reflex support
If to take the baby under his arm, he reflexively bend the legs at the hip and knee joints. And if you put a child on a pedestal, he will be straightened and will stand on bent legs, leaning on the whole foot.

Stepping reflex
If the child’s foot touches the support, it will unbend the leg and tight throughout the foot will rest on the table surface.

The slight tilt forward baby makes stepping movements.

Diving reflex
If a person baby gets water, then the heart rate will decrease, and he turned pale. If he will suddenly be under water, for a little while baby I’ll hold my breath.

Where are the children who are not ready to release the mother for work, staying with a familiar babysitter or grandma? Children who are not able to survive the separation with her mother in kindergarten? As a natural fear of separation, characteristic of infants after six months, and is tightened into a constant alarm? A very important style of child rearing in the age of 7-9 months, says Tracy Hogg, a specialist in the care of babies, known to readers worldwide as the Baby Whisperer — Whispering to the babies.

Many parents consider themselves to be good, only if all the time of bearing the child in her arms, letting him sleep in their bed and let him cry.

They immediately respond to his every squeak, not thinking for a minute that this is a normal sound made by a baby, or a distress signal. If they don’t wear their babies in his hands, all the time standing above them. They are not for one single moment to leave the room, the child is not raised a cry. By the time when these parents decided to call me, they already are sleep deprived, freedom and friends. However, they explain what is happening: “We are convinced that the education of the child must be Baby Advice based on affection”.


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