Some people like to dress their daughters all in pink and their boys all in blue. But what if, as a parent, you visualise a different style for your child, irrespective of their gender? In recent years, there has been a lot of buzz about gender stereotypes. Far fetched as it seems, sometimes even clothing can push children into them! This is why it’s heartening to see new, gender-neutral clothing companies getting into your children’s closets.1

So, if you are interested in learning about such clothing, today we are presenting you the top five clothing brands that fight gender stereotypes in a colorful and also stylish way!

1. Sewing Circus

This fantastic clothing brand was established in the United Kingdom and was founded by Francesca Aiken, mom to a little girl called Scarlett. This clothing brand began at the kitchen table where Francesca decided to sew a few dresses with science-related pictures on them. This was after she noticed that her daughter couldn’t find girl-clothing with themes like space, dinosaurs or trains. This mom then decided to change everything and make such clothing with her own hands! Sewing Circus soon became pretty popular, and today these handmade and original clothes are being sold all over Europe, Canada, the United States, Australia and even New Zealand.

2. Climbing Trees

Climbing Trees is another super fun and adorable clothing brand for both boys and girls. Still very fresh (it started its business in the summer of 2015), this clothing brand is making various t-shirts with funny and gender-free images all kids will love. The company was, again, founded by a mom Cheryl Rickman. She was inspired by her daughter who loved dinosaurs and football, but couldn’t find clothing that could express her hobbies. What’s more, the social mission doesn’t stop there either. A part of their profit goes to a non-profit organization which plants trees.


3. The Children’s Place

Although this clothing company is not exactly gender neutral, it deserves a mention. Here, you can find pink flowery dresses for your girls, and baby blue jumpsuits for your boys. However, the Children’s Place also has a section called Unisex in the Baby department where you can find a pretty wide selection of gender neutral clothing for your little ones! This clothing brand can suit all parents – those who care about gender stereotypes as well as those who don’t. Moreover, the price ranges here are wide too, making the clothing affordable for all. The good news is that these Children’s Place coupons can also come in quite handy!

4. Quirkie Kids

This company started their business in March 2014. They have been selling pink shirts with various artwork, but relax – these shirts are made both for girls and boys! The owner is of the opinion that pink is just as usual and standard a color as green, yellow or blue, and there are tons of boys who love this color!This is how a company with blindness for gender-related colors was born. Today, on their website, you can buy many colorful and patterned shirts for all kids – no matter their sex.


5. Svaha

The Svaha clothing brand was established by Jaya Halepete Iyer of Virginia, whose 3-year-old daughter wanted to be an astronaut when she grew up. Her love for space, and the lack of clothing that could show it, inspired her mom. Hence, a company with tons of beautiful clothing themed on science-related topics was founded. You can now shop for shirts with design motifs like sports, dinosaurs, space (of course) and even construction equipment. So if your little one loves any of these, you know where to head!

Do you shop for gender-neutral clothing for your children? What are your kids’ favourite designs and colours?

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