Past couple of months, we have received some questions about recommended new born baby exercise, how soon to start baby exercises for new born, can it be in an open air, asking for advice and approval for new born baby tossing etc.

I thought let’s try to share my opinion with you. Therefore here are the 3 common questions related to baby exercises and tossing.

Question # 1:

Do you recommend exercise in the open air for a new born baby? and if so, how soon after birth?

I am a great advocate for is having exercise in the open air. “The infant in arms makes known its desire for fresh air by restlessness, it cries for it, cannot speak what he wants but if you take out in an open air, he will be quiet.”

The age at which he should commence taking exercise will of course depend upon the season and upon the weather. If it is summer and the weather is fine, he should be carried in the open air, a week or a fortnight after birth but if it is winter, he should not on any account to be taken out under the month and not even then unless the weather be mild for the season and it is the middle of the day.

At the end of two months he should breathe the open air more frequently. And after the expiration of three months he ought to be carried out every day, even if it be wet under foot provided it be fine above and the wind be neither in an easterly nor in a north-easterly direction. By doing so we shall make him strong and hearty and give the skin that spotted appearance which is so characteristic of health. He must, of course, be well clothed.

I cannot help expressing my disapprobation of the practice of smothering up an infant’s face with a handkerchief, with a veil or with any other covering when he is taken out into the air. If his face be so muffled up, he may as well remain at home as under such circumstances, it is impossible for him to receive any benefit from the refreshing effects of the fresh air.

Question #2

Can you devise any method to induce a new born baby himself to take exercise?

He must be encouraged to use muscular exertion and for this purpose, he should be frequently laid either upon a rug or carpet or the floor. He will then stretch his limbs and kick about with perfect glee. It is a pretty sight to see a little fellow kicking and sprawling on the floor. He crows with delight and thoroughly enjoys himself. It strengthens his back, it enables him to stretch his limbs and to use his muscles and is one of the best kinds of exercise a very young child can take.

While going through his performances his diaper if he wear one, should be unfastened, in order that he might go through his exercises untrammeled. By adopting the above plan, the new born baby quietly enjoys himself. His brain is not over excited by it; this is an important consideration, for both mothers and nurses are apt to rouse and excite very young children to their manifest detriment.

A baby requires rest and not excitement. How wrong it is then for either a mother or a nurse to be exciting and rousing a new born baby. It is most injurious and weakening to his brain. In the early period of his existence his time ought to be almost entirely spent in sleeping and in sucking!

Question # 3

Do you approve of tossing an infant (a new born baby) much about?

I have seen a new born child tossed nearly to the ceiling! Can anything be more cruel or absurd! Violent tossing of a young baby ought never to be allowed. It only frightens him and has been known to bring on convulsions. He should be gently moved up and down (not tossed).

Such exercises causes a proper circulation of the blood, promotes digestion, and soothes to sleep. He must always be kept quiet immediately after taking the breast. If he be tossed directly after wards, it interferes with his digestion and is likely to produce sickness.

I hope, you got the answers of your questions i.e. Do you recommend new born baby exercise, can it be in an open air, when to start exercises and tossing of new born babies etc.

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