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I love baby names. It’s one of my favorite first-things to do during pregnancy, and often I have a name chosen for my next baby before I am even pregnant. I have a love for the unusual names and especially the names that have some sort of meaning to the parents. I take into consideration a lot of different variables when deciding on the name I will give my baby, and looking for inspiration in everyday things can give great ideas.

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Nature and seasons bring a lot of that inspiration I look for, and with the spring season upon us, there are so many names to choose from. From flowers to the weather, check out these 15 spring-inspired baby names that can help bring you closer to choosing the perfect name for your baby.

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Inspired by flowers

Daisy — I love this name, and it’s been a favorite of mine forever. It’s one of those timeless flowers, and a timeless name to go along with it.

Sage — A great name choice that works well for boy or girl. It’s perfect if you’re looking for something unique enough to be memorable, but not too out there.

Poppy — A girly name for sure, this is a wonderful mix of creative, unique, and feminine.

Violet — I hadn’t heard much of this name until Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner named their daughter Violet, and since then, I’ve been noticing it more and more. It’s always makes me think of the gorgeous purple flowers and spring.

Jarred — In Hebrew, the name Jarred means “rose,” and it’s one of those boy names we don’t hear often enough.

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Inspired by the colors green and yellow

Blaine — One of the meanings for Blaine is “yellow” and a great, strong name choice for a boy. Maybe he’ll have the singing chops like Blaine Anderson, a character on Glee.

Aven — Oh, I love this name so much because it’s totally girly and not one you hear often at all. It’s gorgeous, and not only is it a type of flower, but it’s got a bright yellow, spring-like center.

Sunny / Sonny — Another name that’s perfectly fitted for a boy or girl baby, Sunny or Sonny is just what we’re looking for while waiting for the spring.

Olive — I have noticed a real rise in popularity of the name Olive lately, and I can see why. It’s just a small deviation from the name “Olivia,” and even if you’re not a fan of the food, you can’t not love this name.

Forrest — When you think of a forest, a group of strong trees come to mind with lots of thick green foliage. If you’re looking for a strong name for your son that brings to mind that strength and beauty, this is a great spring-inspired choice.

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Inspired by the weather

Rainn — This is a name that works great for either gender and can bring a sense of calm along with it. Nothing better for the world around us than a little bit of rain.

Breeze — I love a fresh breeze on a nice spring day, and who wouldn’t want that around them at all times? While it may not be a conventional name for your baby, and if a breeze makes you happy, it’s a memorable name.

Sky — I used to think this name for a person was a little too out there, but the more I hear it, the more I like it. It’s unique, pretty, and usable for either gender.

Storm — If your baby-to-be is already making an impact in your life, and there’s no doubt a new baby does, what better name is there than Storm? It’s a perfect way to sum up spring, as well, since this is the season we see most of the rainstorms and thunderstorms.

Amaya — I am so in love with this name because it sounds so pretty, and you can’t not think of a sweet little girl with curls. The name means “night rain” in Japanese, so it’s wonderfully inspired by springtime.

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Do you have a favorite name inspired by the spring season? Share in the comments!

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